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200W 24V industrial

SMPS demo board 1736.0036

Resonant Power supply 200W 24V

Dimensions 92x92mm h46mm


The new proposal by Magnetica for power up to 200W in european mains range brings technics to upmost levels. With dimensions 92x92mm and 46mm height including the heatsink support, this power supply exploits the whole power of the LLC resonant topology to provide the customer with the maximum efficiency in the minimum space. The board is completed by IC-thermal, overload and short-circuit protections and pre-complies to EN60950 and to EN55022-B for conducted EMI. Several customization options available and tested, i.e. line modulated current limitation, full thermal protection and primary regulation on secondary side. Also, 28V-output-voltage variant available.




Technical specifications               

Input mains range

180-260 Vac 50Hz

Output voltage setpoint accuracy

24Vdc ±1V

Load regulation


Line regulation


Continuative output power

200W @ 25°C Tamb

Peak output power

350W @230Vac


94% max

EMI regulatory standard

EN55022-B Conducted

Safety regulatory standard


Minimun load

0.7W @230Vac

Short circuit and overload protection

IC thermally protected