250W micro inverter for plug-in PV panels

Demo board ST Microelectronics STEVAL-ISV003V1

Micro inverter

250W micro inverter for plug-in PV panels


The demo board STEVAL-ISV003V1 by ST Microelectronics has been designed using components by Magnetica, which contributed to the process of optimization in both efficiency and working temperatures of the entire application. The board integrates a dual conversion stage to connect to the grid every single panel of a PV array and maximizes efficiency by means of  the MPPT algorithm implemented in the STM-32 microcontroller. The first stage is a DC-DC converter from the panel’s output voltage to roughly 400V, using the isoled interleaved boost topology, and equipped with Magnetica’s 2159 series of switch-mode low-profile transformers and 2162 series of inductors. The second stage, a PWM current controlled DC-AC inverter, is then connected to the grid by way of an LCL filter made of two 2196-series filter inductors.



Technical specifications               

Nominal input voltage


Input voltage range


MPPT operating  input voltage range


Nominal input current


Maximum input current


DC-DC nominal output  voltage


DC-DC maximum output voltage


DC-AC output voltage

230Vac, 50Hz – 240Vac, 60Hz

DC-AC nominal output current

1.1A (230Vac) – 1.06A (240Vac)

Power factor

0.98 @full load

DC-DC switching frequency


DC-AC switching frequency