Flyback PFC 50W 24V

SMPS demo board 1736.0034

Flyback PFC 50W 24V

Dimensions 140x60mm h25mm


Magnetica presents the new 50W high power factor demo board, using a flyback PFC topology, specifically designed for LED lighting applications in universal mains range. The use of a single conversion stage enables a reduction in complexity, cost and also in dimensions, measuring a mere 140x60mm h25mm from PCB. Based on the new ST Microelectronics L6564 PFC controller, it offers an overload-power equalization function over the entire mains range and thermal and feedback disconnection protections, moreover, an HV startup network reduces the no-load consumption. With a temperature rise at full load and 230Vac contained in just 30°C, it represents the ideal solution for applications with high ambient temperatures. Precompliance to EN60950 and EN55022-B for conducted EMI complete the specifications of this product.

Technical specifications               

Input mains range

90-265 Vac 47/63Hz

Output voltage

24Vdc ±0.5V

Output power


Power factor

0.9 min @50%+ load


88% min @carico max

Output voltage ripple

1.1V pk/pk @ 230Vac, carico max

Maximum ambient temperature


EMI Regulatory standard

EN55022-B Conducted

Safety regulatory standard


Shortcircuit and overload protection

Thermal protection