300W PFC Inductor FOT

The new 1975 series of Magnetica’s PFC inductor lineup is capable of delivering up to 300W of continuative output power when used off a European mains range and in the smallest volume ever, just 1.2inch3, accounting for an impressive 250W/inch3 of power density. In our 300W test application (a revised version of the popular 130W 48V street light power-supply, used with 1860 series of LLC transformer) temperature rise is contained in 41°C and overall efficiency almost scored the 97% target.

Also, when powered from a wide input mains range, a maximum output power (with PFC output voltage set to 420Vdc) of 200W is achievable with a temperature rise of 53°C. Being the thermal class of the device rated B (@130°C), ambient temperatures of more than 70°C can be tolerated in real world application.

This new advancements are made possible by the usage of the FOT (fixed off time) version for current mode control. This means that all pre-existing  customers’ solutions for PFC preregulators, using TM (transition-mode) control still can be implemented up to 150W in wide mains range with the very same part number (i.e. short-code: 4658). This enables our customers to further optimize stocks of magnetic components.