Low power kit, up to 100W


  • Switchmode LLC transformer series 2204
  • Switchmode PFC inductor series 2263
  • Common mode EMI filter series 1045

This is the smaller version of medium power kit, targeted to the same applications, but ever more space-shrunk. Reduction in core sizes allow designers to increase switching frequencies thus enabling higher attainable output power per volume ratios. Height from PCB is reduced to approx. 22mm allowing 1”-tall final products. The PFC inductor is extremely compact and particularly suited for high frequency CCM topology. Please note that LLC transformer 2204 series is rated for up to 150W continuative output power, thus requiring a 1974 series PFC inductor to fully exploit its power capability in a wide range application. EMI common mode filter has been designed with slotted chambers to reduce parasitic shunt capacitance and improve high frequency behavior. It is also available (1942 series) with core arranged horizontally to trade off PCB footprint for reduced height.