PFC Inductors

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Caratteristiche Principali

  • Overall lower cost, size and weight when compared to passive solutions
  • Minimizes current handling requirements for primary side of following DC-DC stages
  • Benefits of latest technology improvements in high voltage MOSFETs
  • Huge offer of controllers and switches
  • Different control schemes available to suit specific applications and power levels (TM, FOT, Average current control, bridge-less and interleaved)


  • Front-end in high-duty battery chargers
  • Front-end in lighting-oriented converters (HID ballast, LED drivers)
  • Front-end in adapters for consumer electronics
  • Whenever high power factor is required to comply with energy regulations

Valore Aggiunto

  • Output levels from tens W to 3kW in single stage design
  • Wide choice of shapes and material (Toroids, E core, PQ core; ferrite, iron powder, kool-μ)
  • Broad experience with controllers from various semiconductor manufacturers
  • Recognized supplier for ST Microelectronics evaluation boards