It is not so much what we do, but how we do it that really counts


MAGNETICA was founded in 1996 by people with years of experience in power electronics, with the mission to find custom solutions to the most common problems in the field of electromagnetic components and switch mode power supply systems.

MAGNETICA is an industrial enterprise situated in the region of Marche in the middle of Italy. Our products and services are distinguished from the market thanks to the constant research and innovation, the internal workflow planning, the quality of its products and services, but especially because Magnetica cares about customer’s needs.
The company core business today is based on prototyping, industrialization and mass production of custom magnetic components, developed according to initial specifications, and further optimized working in tight synergy with the customer.
Since 2009, having in the meantime approached an increasingly demanding and structured customer base, MAGNETICA  has implemented a strategy of relocation of production that today, thanks to a careful choice of "Low-Cost" partners, allows to successfully satisfy the growing demand of customers not only to produce but also to orient the delivery directly to the Asian area.

In May 2013, thanks to years of experience in technological cooperation with STMicroelectronics (and recently backed up by that with Microchip, USA), MAGNETICA decided to add to manufacturing a wide range of R&D services such as diagnostics, debugging, schematic capture  / PCB design, electrical simulation using PSpice, prototype development of the entire switch-mode power supply according to customer specifications, as well as thermal simulation and CAD design.
Lastly, the close cooperation with leading certification authorities in the sector (IMQ, VDE, UL ...) makes MAGNETICA the ideal partner for a pre-screening of the performance of the customers’ equipment, with the ability to take corrective action in order to solve issues related to radiated and conducted emissions.

  • Prompt contact and guaranteed response within 48 hours;
  • Qualified know-how and expert staff;
  • Best solutions to every need;
  • Fast prototyping;
  • Maximum confidentiality in sharing confidential information related to your projects;
  • Possibility of supporting the developing of ad-hoc designs;
  • Suitable partner to follow the customer from conceiving to the mass-production in Asia;