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The over 70 Application Notes developed side by side with STMicroelectronics, have allowed AQ MAGNETICA ITALY to reach, over the years, attested and recognized experience in the power sector and, more specifically in the areas HID and LED-Lighting, automotive, automation and domotics, as well as solar.

International visibility and know-how today allow AQ MAGNETICA ITALY to collaborate worldwide (for more info please visit the section "TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS"), in order to improve every time its ability to grasp the technical requirements of each customer and to provide suitable answers. 

On May 2nd 2013, a strategic decision to separate the structure of production from that of R & D officially materialized. This solution allows the customer freedom and flexibility in making decisions, being able to identify MAGNETICA even only  as a design partner in outsourcing.

AQ Magnetica Italy s.r.l. – Via Marcora, 20 – 60022 Castelfidardo (AN) ITALY  - Tel 071-7823855- Fax 0717824000 - P.Iva 01451370421

Find out below how MAGNETICA could support you in the realization of your projects:


This service is the most comprehensive MAGNETICA is able to propose and consists of the following steps of the project, fully adjustable to suit any need:

  • PSpice simulation of the circuit
  • Schematic capture including the power plant and creation of gerber files;
  • Detailed B.O.M. of raw materials
  • Calculation and dimensioning of all magnetics on board;
  • Performance and thermal report of the device;
  • Preparation of complete component datasheets of UL-listed materials used in construction;
  • Supply of complete sets of magnetic components for the pre-testing of the customer
  • Supply of complete prototypes of the functioning power supply;
  • Possibility of including some days of final test in our laboratory with a qualified MAGNETICA technician;
  • Possibility of interact actively with the main certification bodies (IMQ - VDE - UL) to guarantee the product certification according to the required standards.


Find out more about POWER SUPPLY already developed by MAGNETICA and immediately purchasable.



Where the Products section in the MAGNETICA catalogue (see the section "PRODUCTION") does not meet your technical requirements in terms of mechanical performance, MAGNETICA is able to provide a full-custom prototyping of the component in a short time.

This way of collaboration is particularly suitable in case it is essential not to make changes to the printed circuit (pin-to-pin) and unexpected problems occur in the your supply chain.

Download the documents:


In case the need is that of a specific involvement, MAGNETICA is able to provide the following services, aimed at supporting the customer quickly even in emergency:

  • Functional diagnostics;
  • Thermal reporting;
  • Pre-conducted emissions compliance;
  • CAD and 3D simulations;
  • Design and rapid prototyping of coil former full-custom;
  • Rating layout of circuit boards;
  • On site/Remote Technical assistance.



Technical Partner



Contact us for further information about the design and manufacturing of your electromagnetic components and power supply systems

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