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35W 48V LED indoor lighting

SMPS demo board 1736.0005

Flyback PFC 35W 48V

Dimensions 120x82mm


The 1736.0005 demo board by Magnetica is the ideal development platform for those applications requiring a unity power factor. Delivering up to 35W of continuative output power with a universal input mains range, it’s best suited in powering high brightness LED strings for indoor lighting. Circuital simplicity e usage of low-cost thru-hole components make this board a perfect platform to familiarize with PFC flyback topology using the ST Microelectronics L6562A PFC controller. It is also equipped with overload and short-circuit protection, and it is sold with complete technical documentation. Finally, on the PCB provision is made for optional circuitry in order to implement control of output current.



Technical specifications               

Range di tensione in ingresso

90-265 Vac 47/63Hz

Tensione di uscita

48Vdc ±1V

Potenza continuativa


Fattore di potenza

0.9 min @50%+ load


85% min @full load

Ripple tensione d’uscita

1.5V pk/pk @ 90Vac, full load

Temperatura ambiente massima


Normativa EMI

EN55022-B Conducted

Normativa sicurezza elettrica


Protezione cortocircuito e sovraccarico